1. About the ISCMA- Israeli Supply Chain Management Association 

Organizations identify that supply chains are critical for growth, profitability and business efficiency.
The supply chain manager and his own strength, is more than ever, influence the management quality, the organization supply chain quality, eventually on the organization ‘bottom line’.

The Israeli Supply Chain Association–ISCMA uniqueness happen to be the leading professional organization in Israel, for the supply chain executives from all industries including companies of services, technology & tools for upgrading, promoting and improving the ‘supply chain management’ with emphasize on the main goals:

  •  Promoting the Supply Chain field in the organizations & academic
  • Promoting and improving the profession position in the organization and in general
  •  Lobby – constitute quality and influence public performance
  • Networking between executives & decision leaders in the supply chain management along with the main solutions and services suppliers
  •  Networking of exchanging knowledge & information
  •  Finding platform for ‘winning solutions and services’
     Focusing on initiatives which promote the acknowledgement, the professionalism and abilities of people and suppliers in the supply chain
  • Globalization approach – meeting complicated global supply chains, global services & global solutions
  • Meeting & connecting international organizations
     Initiate, develop professional training and programs
  •  Developing skills, knowledge and accordingly the performance
     To be the platform for all council members for personal and organizational exposure
     To constitute the members commitment

The Israeli Supply Chain Council - Chairman
Mr. Erez Levi, Sr. Director - Europe Solar SCM, Chief of staff - Energy and Environmental Solutions SCM, Applied Materials

The Israeli Supply Chain Management Association – General Manager
Mrs. Navit Adar, General Manager, ISCMA & Adar Capital Yozmot

ISCMA Committees
Global & Strategy Purchasing Committee
The committee goals are: spotting mutual items for shared purchasing for the council organizations members from different industries (with similar items), also promoting the purchasing efficiency in the organizations.

Logistics services organizations Committee
The committee goals are: to promote the field of supply chain management with critical services for the Israeli market strength and for the organizations that perform in Israel and global. Focusing on initiatives that develop the recognition in professionalism and the ability of those service organizations to the supply chain

Logistics Committee:

Charman: Mr. Itzhak Gol, Global Logistics Manager-Israel-Asia, Teva
These chamber goals are: to answer the essential Israeli markets for forum of senior logistics managers from large organizations to lead and be the front to the logistics. To exchange knowledge and information and to find common base for cooperation

Planning & Technology Committee

Chairman: Mr. Haim Shafir, Planning Manager, Osem Group
Supply Chain Managers along with Planning Managers and leading technology and tools suppliers for the supply chain management efficiency.

Government and Regulation Committee
The goals are: issues and regulations that come up with from all committees- that demand change and promote the council general goals and the supply chains management –in front of the ministries and government organizations along with defining cooperation 

Contact Information:
The Israeli Supply Chain Management Association – ISCMA
General Manager: Mrs. Navit Adar
Tel: 972-3-9702990
Fax: 972-3-9702991
Address: Harhava 119 Beit Nechemia, 7314000 Israel

Adar Capital Enterprise is the manager and operator of the ISCMA, Adar Capital Enterprisse  has a unique leading expertise in Israel – “supply chain management” front and improvement

  • Managing and operating the ISCMA – the ISCMA members are the leading organizations in Israel, from each organization the senior SC manager and all the largest services, tools & technology suppliers for the supply chain.
  • The Supply Chain Management Academy- a unique center- which answer all the training gaps and needs of professionals in the supply chain.
  • “Supply Chain Management Online”- professional newsletter for thousands readers in the supply chain field.


Adar Yozmot was founded in 2000 by Navit Adar – that has 20 years of continuous activity of conferences & exhibitions for all different sectors and industries. Expertises in initiate, organize, produce and marketing of conferences, summits, professional events that become as platform for business gathering for the decision makers. Each event gives the accurate answer for the organization business strategy and the professional event subject.

Quality, versatility, and integrity are the three core values of Adar Yozmot along with deep understanding of the needs, wills, and requirements of large to medium organizations in the Israeli market.  Up-to-date familiarity with the Israeli and world methodologies, technologies and implementations
All these experience of Adar Yozmot create the best quality and unique contents and platforms for bringing the executive decision makers of every organization from the management, strategy, supply chain, purchasing, operation, logistics and production.
In every professional event the opportunities established for increasing the business development for the participant companies.

Adar Yozmot advantage: wide powerful range of connections with companies from all industries, technology companies, consultation and service from Israel and the world, quality and unique data base of all management range – computerized and updated. All that allows creating the content, manage the evens logistics, the professional intention and implementation, including connections with the best experts and presenters from Israel and from the world up to producing and organizing large participant’s events.

Our mission
To innovate and lead in the field of Supply Chain Management advancement & improvement
Our values
Customer satisfaction: a dedication to our clients expressed through professional and reliable service.
Mission Statement
We provide our clients with value, superior service and always deliver what we promise.  

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